Online shop

An e-shop is not only a convenient way for a consumer to shop without leaving home, but also the company spends significantly less money than trying to maintain a traditional store. By setting up an e-shop and adapting the right trading system to it, you can create a closer relationship with the customer – this way the circle of customers will grow faster than ever. Mobile applications are another opportunity to reach the user and acquaint him with the services you provide. It’s also a great way to make the most of the smart technology, thereby increasing business productivity.

The process of developing online shop consists of the following stages:

1Analysis and goal setting
2E-shop’s prototype creation
3E-shop’s design
4Additional functions programming work
5CMS installation on the site
6Content creation
7Content placement and design
8E-shop’s uploading to the server
9SEO – Search Engine Optimization
10E-shop’s maintenance and support

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